Class L-2a Mohawk No. 2710 pauses at Hudson, Michigan in an undated wintry scene captured by J. Findlay and provided for our Random Steam Collection by Wayne Koch. The westbound freight appears to be "in the hole" for a passenger train (note the shoveled station platform at left). The L-2a class featured the Elesco feedwater heater, as shown here, and seems to have been generally confined to the NYC's eastern lines. Photos exist, however, showing this particular locomotive at Elkhart, Indiana, the terminus of the former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern "Old Road." Usual freight power on the "Old Road" through Adrian, Hudson, Hillsdale and Coldwater during the heyday of steam consisted of class H 2-8-2s, but evidently Mohawks made their appearance as steam was being phased out. No. 2710 was retired in 1952. General specifications for the L-2 class appear on the pages for Nos. 2811 and 2886.