Mohawk No. 2927, a representative of class L-2d, was a 1929 product of the American Locomotive Company's Schenectady works, where it rolled off the erecting floor as CCC&StL No. 6227. The specifications of this class were similar to those of the Central's earlier L-2 classes, as described in the commentaries for Nos. 2811 and 2886. However, their engine weight was 370,150 pounds and there is a discrepancy in the sources concerning their cylinder diameter. One source indicates it was 25½ inches, but the most authoritative source assigns them the same 27-inch diameter as other L-2 classes. (Apparently is was only the two L-2d Mohawks rebuilt for passenger service, Nos. 2995 and 2998, that had the smaller diameter as test beds for the L-3 class.) No. 2927 was retired in 1953. This image, of unknown provenance, comes from the collection of Wayne Koch.