K-5b Pacific No. 4915 appears at Cincinnati on October 7, 1949, perhaps making a transfer run between Cincinnati Union Terminal and the roundhouse with another engine in tow. This locomotive and sister K-5b No. 4917 received streamlined shrouds and disc drivers in 1936, as seen in a Gary Overfield photo in George Elwood's collection. As a result they weighed more than the other K-5s, at 317,000 pounds; additionally, their boiler pressure was raised to 210 p.s.i., resulting in a tractive effort of 39,540 pounds (47,350 pounds with booster cut in). They powered the Detroit-Cleveland Mercury, and later the Cincinnati-Chicago James Whitcomb Riley. The streamlining was removed early in 1947, but No. 4915 retained her set of disc drivers which had been illuminated while she was streamlined. No. 4915 came from ALCo's Schenectady works in 1926 as Michigan Central No. 8355, but became Big Four No. 6515 the following year; she assumed her final number in the 1936 system-wide renumbering. She was retired in 1952 and scrapped in 1954. The fan responsible for this photograph, purchased via eBay, is not named.