The prominent Elesco feedwater heater gives Pacific No. 4933 an impressive and powerful look in this photo taken by Robert Graham of St. Paul, Minnesota, somewhere on the "Big Four" before her 1936 renumbering from CCC&StL No. 6533. The last 4-6-2s delivered to the New York Central System before the appearance of the Hudson type, the engines of No. 4933's K-5 group were powerful enough, exerting 38,600 pounds of tractive force with a booster adding 9,950 pounds; their weight is given as 308,000 pounds. They had a grate area of 68 square feet, 3950 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 1150 square feet of superheating surface; for other dimensions see the commentary on No. 4907 preceding. American Locomotive Company delivered this engine in 1927 as Pittsburgh & Lake Erie No. 9237; she was transferred to the Big Four in 1931, and was dropped from the roster and scrapped in 1952.