Locomotive builders during the heyday of steam were aggressive about publicity, one form of which was the distribution of large framed photographs or illustrations of their products. In 1934 the American Locomotive Company issued this print of the New York Central's J-1d class of Hudson type locomotives, a creation of the H. O. Bailey Studios. No. 5297, the subject of this illustration, came off the Alco erecting floor in 1930 and was retired in 1954. For the specifications of the J-1d class, see the commentaries on Hudsons 5367 and 5379. Janet Kerr contributed this image to our Collection. The framed print, which measures 32x17 inches, was owned by her father, Harry A. W. Vohs of Janesville, Wisconsin, a mail worker on passenger trains between Chicago and St. Paul. Click here for a larger version.