Peoria & Eastern 2-8-2 No. 37 was a member of class H-5o, which Alco converted from G-5 2-8-0s in 1914-15. Their dimensions were identical to those of the H-5L class, described in connection with 2-8-2 No. 31. According to the 1940 New York Central System roster, the P&E had 17 Mikado type engines, all erected by Alco and none built later than 1917. The Peoria & Eastern was the New York Central's connection to "The Peoria Gateway," an extension into Corn Belt country that seemed to be forgotten in the assignment of modern motive power until the diesel era. Formerly CCC&StL No. 6714, this engine was assigned to the P&E in 1925 and took its P&E number in 1937; it was retired and sold for scrapping in 1951.