The Boston & Maine owned 25 2-8-4 type locomotives which the railroad styled "Lima" type, rather than the usual "Berkshire," because they were all constructed by Lima Locomotive Works. The first group of 20 engines of class T-1a was delivered in 1928. No. 4016 of that group appears in this 1948 view, photographer not identified, furnished by Carl Weber. The B&M 2-8-4s were near duplicates of the pioneering Boston & Albany Berkshires, but were distinguished by their extended Coffin feedwater heaters which required their headlight to be mounted above the pilot. With 63-inch drivers, they had a boiler pressure of 240 p.s.i. and cylinder dimensions of 28x30 inches. The T-1s developed 76,160 pounds of tractive effort; the T-1a class weighed 390,000 pounds. For other dimensions consult the commentary for No. 4021. In this photo No. 4016's stack is capped, indicating the locomotive is in storage probably awaiting scrapping in 1950. Possibly the location is North Billerica, Massachusetts, where B&M locomotives were cut up.