The American Locomotive Company delivered the D&H's first group of 4-6-6-4s, including this example, in 1940. (The 4-6-6-4s Alco delivered to the Clinchfield beginning in 1942 were near-duplicates of the D&H design.) Locomotives of class J had four 20½x32-inch cylinders, 69-inch drivers, and a boiler pressure of 285 p.s.i. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 5389 square feet, their superheating surface 1681 square feet, and their grate area 108 square feet. They exerted 94,428 pounds of tractive effort and weighed 597,000 pounds minus tender. Information is lacking concerning the photographer and date for the above image supplied by William D. Volkmer. However, the industry in the background suggests a location in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, near Scranton.