The Delaware & Hudson's second group of Challengers came from American Locomotive Company in 1943, represented here by No. 1524 in an image captured at Carbondale, Pennsylvania on July 24, 1952. Carl Weber supplied this photo by an undesignated photographer. Usually locomotives of the 4-6-6-4 or "Challenger" type, like other articulated locomotives, featured a headlight mounted above the pilot where it could swing with the front "engine" when rounding a curve. The D&H's class J 4-6-6-4s were an exception (as were the Union Pacific's original 3800-series Challengers), for their headlight was mounted on the smokebox front. That feature is evident in this view of No. 1524. However, the headlight is actually recessed in the smokebox door; the outside fixture is a shade. The final D&H Challenger, No. 1539, was delivered in 1946 but had a short service life since all members of the J class were sent to the salvager's by the end of 1953.