The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western styled its 4-8-4s the "Pocono" type instead of the usual "Northern" label. Unlike the Lackawanna's first group of passenger 4-8-4s, the Q-1 class, the second group in class Q-2 came from American Locomotive Company in 1929 with 70-inch drivers suitable for freight service. They sustained a boiler pressure of 230 p.s.i. and had 28x32-inch cylinders. For other dimensions see the commentary for No. 1614, following. Some of the Q-1s, including this example, had a Worthington type SA feedwater heater mounted in the smokebox, requiring it to be extended forward and the headlight to be mounted high. An unidentified lensman captured this view of No. 1604, acquired via eBay, in 1948 at Scranton, Pennsylvania.