The Lackawanna's final group of Poconos, the Q-4 class, rolled off the American Locomotive Company's erecting floor in Schenectady in 1934. These dual-service locomotives had roller bearings on all engine axles. Their grate area totaled 88 square feet, and their powerful 250-p.s.i. boiler featured 5445 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 2243 square feet of superheater surface. Weighing 447,000 pounds, they developed 72,043 pounds of tractive force. They had cylinder dimensions of 28x32 inches and 74-inch driving wheels. There is no information about the photographer, date, or location of this photo of No. 1648 acquired through eBay. All DL&W 4-8-4s were retired and scrapped by the end of 1953.