Built in 1916 by Baldwin Locomotive Works as Duluth, Missabe & Northern No. 501, this class E 2-10-2 kept its same number in the 1938 merger with the Duluth & Iron Range that formed the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range. In common with other DM&IR class E Santa Fe types, No. 501 underwent extensive upgrading including the application of the Elesco feedwater heater and the one-piece Delta trailing truck. Driver diameter was 60 inches, cylinder measurements were 28x32 inches, and grate area totaled 80 square feet. The rebuilt class Es carried a boiler pressure of 188.5 p.s.i. and had 4622 square feet of evaporative heating surface plus 1130 square feet of superheating surface. In common with other DM&IR steam locomotives, No. 501 operated late into the 1950s and was not scrapped until 1959. She appears here at Proctor, Minnesota in September 1956, in a photo from M. D. McCarter.