As a junior high student in Adrian, Michigan in 1950-51 my walk to school along College Avenue crossed the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton's Tecumseh branch. Occasionally I encountered the DT&I local switching nearby industries such as Hurd Lock & Manufacturing, a supplier of Ford parts. In my pre-photography days I made no record of the motive power, but it was always a 2-8-0 similar to No. 114, pictured here in a photo acquired from an eBay seller. The location, date, and photographer are unspecified. These well-maintained engines, like all DT&I steam power, featured raised nickel numbering on the cab and herald on the tender.

No. 114 belonged to the railroad's Class 100, a group of Consolidations delivered by Alco's Brooks works in 1909. They had 57-inch drivers, 22x30-inch cylinders, and a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i. They weighed 227,560 pounds and produced 43,305 pounds of tractive effort. Their grate area measured 49½ square feet, and they had 2800 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 570 square feet of superheating surface. The Baker valve gear would have been a retrofit, since images of the Baker gear from the Pilliod Company's catalog circa 1915 do not go back before 1911. In any case all those images show the combination lever behind the crosshead, rather than between crosshead and cylinder, so No. 114's Baker gear as shown here must have been a later application.